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Information Teaching Section

Information Teaching Section


 Teaching objectives
1. Strengthen the ability on using operating systems and for office package software
2. Cultivate students’ information ethical concepts
3. Understand the basic concepts, development trends, and utilization of internet

  Teaching and Researching

  The course is a one semester course that aims to provide education for students to have sufficient information literacy, so as to possess appropriate information using abilities. Besides reinforcing the basic concepts of computer, operating systems, and the ability of using word processing software, the course content also includes information ethics, internet specifications, laws and regulations related to internet, internet concepts, and the development trend and application of internet. In addition, the course is designed as a general knowledge ability cultivation course; apart from cultivating students’ basic information literacy and strengthening their using ability for office package software, the course can also be horizontally extended as a preparation course for the “Computer Software Integrated Application”.
  Future Development
  Cultivate professional computer skills for the future to grasp the changes in time and improve the employment competitive strength.