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Introduction to the General Education Center

Teaching Objectives and Purpose

The General Education Center is a teaching unit in the same rank with any department. The courses cover literature and history, laws and politics, foreign languages, philosophies, general education courses, social studies, sports, military training, basic medicine, and basic science. Regarding the teaching objectives, in addition to enhancing professional academic capacity of nursing, it gives equivalent considerations to language teaching and to cultivate students’ expressing, communicating, and learning abilities. The purpose of providing general education of literature, history, and laws aims at nurturing students’ ability in thinking, analyzing, judging, concluding, and comprehensive studying apart from nursing; its purpose is to provide training for students to integrate knowledge and facilitate the communication and cooperation of professional courses, so as to cultivate their consensus. By doing so, it is hoped that the favorable cultural literacy of students allows them to have complete view of life and become nursing professions who care for the society, love the country, serve people, and possess perfect personality.

Development Direction

Based on the developing principle of “seeking progress under a stable state,” the primary mission of the General Education Center is to properly provide the teaching work for the education of vocational nursing school and junior college of nursing. In addition to providing the general basic courses of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS), the General Education Center actively plans for the future general education courses of cultural and social science for different departments of NTUNHS and offers elective courses of multiple aspects for students in different departments, in the hope that students with technical expertise of nursing and medication management may possess basic cultural literacy.