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General Education



General Education

Course Name

Courses for Basic Skills 

(Four techniques:12 Credits/Two techniques:4 Credits)

Chinese Literature I、Chinese Literature II、Freshman English Reading I、Freshman English Lab I、Freshman English Reading II、Freshman English Lab II、Advanced English、Freshman English Lab III、English for employment、English Literature、News English、Physical Education、Advanced Chinese、 LiteratureSuperior Level English

Humanities nature

(Four techniques:6 Credits/Two techniques:2 Credits)

Introduction of Applied Science Introduction to Computer Applications、Introduction to Computer Applications Information Literacy and Network Application、Environmental Education

Humanities society

 (Four techniques:4 Credits/Two techniques:2 Credits)

Laws and Ethics of Daily Life、Economy and Life、Economy and Life、Introduction of Professional Law、Constitution and Human Right Technology and Life

Humanities art

(Four techniques:6 Credits/Two techniques:2 Credits)

The History of World Civilization、Philosophy and Life、Introduction to Logic、Philosophy and Religion、Contemporary and Modern Art、The Cultural History of Visual Arts (Four techniques:6 Credits/Two techniques:2 Credits)