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Biological Sciences Lab. security regulation

General rules

1. Laboratory admittance is only permitted during sanctioned class hours and with proper supervision. No entry is allowed at other times without authorization and supervision.

2. Wear appropriate laboratory clothing. No shorts or open-toed shoes (sandals, slippers, etc.) are allowed.

3. No smoking, eating, or drinking is allowed in the laboratory. No food or beverages are permitted.

4. No loud laughing, shouting, or horseplay.

5. Do not place schoolbags, clothing, or other non-essential items on the bench top.

6. Use experimental equipment carefully and as instructed. Do not handle unnecessary equipment without permission. Failure to comply with the guidance of laboratory instructors may lead to damage equipment or injury. All responsible persons will be held liable for any damages or injuries as a result of failure to comply with laboratory rules and instructions.

7. Dispose of all hazardous waste such as needles, glass, sharp objects, biological waste, chemicals, etc. in designated waste containers.  Do not place any hazardous waste into non-hazardous trash or down the sink.

8. Experiments involving animals should be conducted in accordance with Laboratory Animal Management Rules.

9. Upon completion of an experiment, students are required to clean and return their laboratory station (including equipment, glassware, bench top, etc.) to the original state, and properly dispose of any waste. All individuals should thoroughly wash their hands with soap before leaving the laboratory.

10. Students on duty round must confirm that all related project requirements are met prior to leaving the laboratory.

11. Students must comply with all posted rules and instructions.

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