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Descriptions for Course Recruitment Regulations

Descriptions for Course Recruitment Regulations

Course Recruitment & Microcredits

What is course recruitment? NTUNHS may not have courses that you want or require; therefore, it is time for you to tell NTUNHS what kinds of courses you wish NTUNHS to provide. Teachers may have favorable course-opening plans that they have not been able to realize; they may also upload them to the course recruitment platform.

What is a micro-general education course? As the name suggests, a micro-general education course means minor credits; the credit of a course starts from 0.1 credit, and the credits are accounted for as credits for general education. Except for micro-general education courses opened by NTUNHS, students may participate in external lectures and workshops and submit their experience reports according to the requirements of the General Education Center to earn credits.

How to sign up for taking micro-general education courses? Students may log in to the website through their account and passwords to sign up for taking micro-general education courses.

Is signing up for courses on the website equal to formal course selection? When signing up for micro-general education courses or profound learning courses, the formal course selection shall be made in NTUNHS’s system when the number of students signed up for the courses reached ten and above and after NTUNHS had reviewed and formally opened the courses.

Is there any limit to the minimum number of students for course-opening regarding microcredit courses? The Office of Academic Affairs has stated that the opening of microcredit courses is subject to at least ten students.

If I participate in external lectures or workshops, how do I submit the experience reports? The autonomous learning section is not available for now; after the system is opened up, students may submit their experience reports to the Teaching Business Section through the website.

Hours & Credits of Courses

Is there any limit of course-opening time for micro-general education courses? Applications shall be submitted and approved by the General Education Center. Currently, the courses are to be opened during the semester tentatively. Looking forward, NTUNHS aims at opening courses day and night, on weekdays or weekends, or during winter and summer vacations.

How many hours of the class are required for 0.1 credits regarding micro-general education courses? Two hours of lecturing course = 0.1 credits and four hours of practice course = 0.1 credits. When the course involves lecturing and practices, it is recommended that the credits of the course = lecturing credits plus practicing credits.

How to calculate credits for lectures or workshops? The calculation is the same as the calculation method for credits of micro-general education courses; two hours of lecturing course = 0.1 credits and four hours of practice course = 0.1 credits. Are the lectures or workshops required to be reviewed in advance? Yes, the review focus is not restriction or permission, but the confirmation for the number of hours and credits so as to avoid the error in the number of credits or hours calculation after reports are submitted. How many credits for general education may be waived by micro-general education courses? Four credits for general education may be waived in maximum through micro-general education courses. Can students in master programs take micro-general education courses? Yes, but the credits are not recognized or calculated, and the General Education Center will not issue any course-taking certification.

Work & Grade

Do micro-general education courses require work submission? Works are to be submitted to verify whether students have gained for taking such classes! Works may be specified by the lecturers or by the Teaching Business Section through the authorization of lecturers; works are required to be submitted to provide a basis for grading for either method. Is marking required for micro-general education courses? Yes, currently, the marking is made according to the percentage specified by NTUNHS; the markings may be made by lecturers based on the works of students or by the Teaching Business Section on behalf of lecturers by collecting works of students. Is there a standardized form for the scoring of micro-general education courses? Yes, lecturers are advised to give markings according to the format exhibited in the system.

When shall teachers submit the marking form? Teachers are advised to provide markings on the website within seven days from the end of the courses.

Why my transcript has no title or score of micro-general education courses? After one credit is accumulated, the General Education Center will select “Autonomous Learning (1),” “Autonomous Learning (2),” “Autonomous Learning (3),” and “Autonomous Learning (4),” during the period for course addition/reduction; on the final transcript for the semester, there will only be titles of the courses and whether you passed such courses, without individual titles and scored of microcredit courses.

Hourly Payment for Teachers & Fees for Industrial Experts

How to calculate the hourly payment for lecturers of micro-general education courses? According to the Guidelines for Promoting Courses of Credits: 0.1 hours shall be accumulated for full-time teachers and part-time teachers when providing a lecture of two hours in a class of 10 students and above; for a class with less than ten students, the hourly payment shall be calculated according to the ratio (formula: number of hours x number of students x 1/10). How to calculate and pay the teachers’ fees for micro-general education courses? For lecturers of NTUNHS, the hourly payment is calculated and paid; however, when lecturers have collected the formal hourly payment or lecturing fees for the courses, they shall not claim the hourly payment for micro-general education courses. Lecturing expenses (hourly payment/lecturing fees) of industrial experts shall be paid by the course-opening units. Who shall pay for the lecturing fees when lectures are arranged in the course? The course-opening unit or the lecturer shall raise its own funding for payment.


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