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 The Center for General Education is a teaching department that operates in parallel to all the other NTUNHS academic departments. It provides courses in areas such as literature, history, law and political science, foreign languages, philosophy, general education, sociology, physical education, military education, basic medical sciences, and basic sciences.
 In addition to enhancing nursing-related professional abilities of the NTUNHS students, the center also places an emphasis on language education in order to help develop students’ learning capacity, and their ability to express themselves and communicate with others .
 Through the general education courses of literatures, history, law and political science, we aim to cultivate students’ abilities to think critically, perform analyses, make sound judgments, conduct deductive/inductive reasonings, and conduct various types of research. The ultimate goal is to assist students in integrating cross-disciplinary knowledge and developing holistic life valuesfor them to become nursing professionals with moral integrity, who are passionate about their nation and the people, who care about the society,and who serve the community.
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