Implementation Guidelines for English Exam

Implementation Guidelines for English Exam

1. The implementation guidelines are established by the National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences (NTUNHS) to improve students’ English proficiency and promote online learning.

2. Undergraduate students (excluding master's students) of NTUNHS who take mandatory English courses shall participate in the “English Exam” (the “Exam”).

3. The Exam is organized two times each semester and held at the language classrooms during the 7th week and 16th week for mid-term and final exams, respectively. The testing time is the lecturing time for English courses of different classes during the week of the Exam; furthermore, in accordance with the available vacancy of the language classrooms, the General Education Center shall arrange the exam schedule and announce it two weeks before the Exam.

4. Results of the Exam will be included in the calculation for the score of English for the semester, accounting for 20% of the total score of the mandatory English subject for the semester.

5. The duration of the Exam is 50 minutes; full-time/part-time English teachers are responsible for invigilation and complete two hours of lecturing for the course of the week (including the English Exam).

6. Students who failed to participate in the Exam due to other causes shall take leave according to the “Rules for Student Exam” of NTUNHS and register for the changes in the exam time slot. For students who are absent from the Exam without completing the leave-taking procedures, the grade for the Exam will be counted as zero.

7. Exam affairs and testing scope of the Exam shall be established by relevant personnel called upon by the Dean of the General Education Center.

8. The guidelines are implemented after being approved by the General Education Center the same shall apply upon any amendments.


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